It’s all about creating the best “Story of You!” in your resume and LinkedIn profile!

Storytelling is the new buzz in management strategy and that’s exactly what we’ll do in your resume and LinkedIn profile! 

I specialize in creating strategic, targeted and effective Resumes and LinkedIn profiles for people in the technology and engineering verticals that tell the Story of You without all the ‘resume speak”.

I work with people across a company’s functions- from executive leadership to tech support – including HR, Finance and Operations, software/hardware technologists, IT systems and infrastructure, PMs, engineers,  Sales and Marketing, and Consultants.

Why and how: creating a great picture!

You’re busy running programs and projects, writing software, designing architecture and systems, managing IT, selling your products or running your company. You have meetings to attend, people to manage and mountains of work to do. Pouring hours of your valuable time into writing a meticulously well-crafted resume may not be time you have to spare.

A strong resume is one of the keys to your career growth. A well-presented LinkedIn profile is another and is equally as important. You may need an Exec Bio or a Consultant Profile as well. Technical, IT Management, Sales and Marketing resumes are highly specialized and you need somebody who knows what they’re talking about. In this market, you need to refine “The Story of You!” – your brand – and a strong resume and LinkedIn profile that highlight your accomplishments will get you noticed!  It should have a human voice too, and not sound like a robot wrote it.

That’s what I do – write technical, sales, marketing and management resumes and LinkedIn profiles that get noticed!

I’ve been working in IT for 20+ years and written and rewritten technology based resumes for my candidates throughout my career as a technical recruiter. I talk to HR professionals and hiring managers all the time about what they like and don’t like to see on a resume. I see fair, good and great resumes every day. I look at hundreds of LinkedIn profiles too!

HR and hiring managers are looking for more than a list of skills and expertise. They’re looking for more of your story, your personality, the “How and Why” you do what you do in a resume or a LinkedIn profile!

When I work with you on your resume – whether it’s a light tweak or a major “I haven’t written a resume in 10 years, we’re starting from scratch” overhaul project — you and I will start with a review of what you have and what we think you need, based on where you want to go in your career. I have experience working with senior management, consultants and staff employees, and understand what those resumes should look like.

We’ll create a great picture of your business and technical capabilities to show your potential employer what you have done, what you can do and the value you bring. It’s all about the story of you!

Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope I can be of service to you. ~Jan


Special Congrats …

One of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is receiving success emails from past clients. Here are some of my favorites.

February 2018 Update: Hired! 1 week after sending out my new resume to a number of recruiters, and having my new LinkedIn profile, I received a job offer from one company, and also a job offer from Microsoft (I took this one). So this resume landed me two jobs in 1 week. WOW!  A friend of mine asked if I could refer him to you for a rewrite.  Are you taking new clients?  And … THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!   Michelle, Program Manager

February 2018: It’s working 😊😊😊😊. They ended my contract for 2/28 but I have a shot at a loop for Microsoft FTE role and 2 interviews this week for new contract roles! Thank you! – Michelle

December 2017: You are one of my 2017 heroes. I’m so happy in my new job, and have a new spark for my career. Thank you!! ~ Stacy!!

June 2017:  Hi Jan, I start on Monday. You really helped jump start my search and focus myself on what I want.  Thank you. Technical Product Manager reporting to CIO. OMG! I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep in touch. ~Brian

April 2017: Hi Jan! I am absolutely thrilled to have accepted the position with the city of Fort Collins, CO.  The benefits are out of this world and, all things considered, should be the last job I ever have! The role is HR Partner and because of the killer resume I submitted, it caught the eye of the new Director who emailed me and asked me to apply to other openings she’d determined needed to be added.  I am so excited! THANK YOU for everything!  ~ Staci

February 2017: I just have to tell you – I got a call from a large hospital group and the main reason the VP called was due to the first section of my resume.  He said “A little crazy? Who says that on a resume? I thought it was great!” We had a great conversation. So happy to have you in my corner!” ~ SC



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