After the initial consultation, you’ll receive a fixed rate bid of $395 to $795, depending on whether or not this is an update or a complete overhaul/new resume creation from scratch (meaning you haven’t written a resume for years and don’t have a baseline document), how many versions you want and how quickly you need it. Most of the projects come in at $395-$495.

For this you receive:

  1. The initial consultation and as many conversations as we need while we get all the information we need, and then the final tweaks.
  2. The first draft, several 2nd, 3rd, 4th drafts, and the final draft  to be sure it reflects you and your career the way you want to be presented.
  3. An updated LinkedIn profile.
  4. 60 days of follow up for test driving, revisions, and tweaks as you get feedback on your new resume.

Consultant project sheets and Executive Bios also available.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are a hot topic of discussion in the HR world and the consensus is that a cover letter is mostly not required.  It can be useful if its very customized to the position. Generic cover letters are generally not welcome and won’t endear you to the reader. 


I will email you an invoice via PayPal, once we agree on the price. 50% is due up front, and 50% upon when we get to the LinkedIn profile.




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